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Year End Awards 2016 – 2017

Image of the Year 2017

Botany Bay: Kathy Bishop


Wildlife Image of the Year 2017

Saw Whet Owl: Paul Kammen


Category Winners




1st Place

Wild Columbine: Don Specht


2nd Place

Small Yellow Lady Slippers: John Pennoyer


Honorable Mentions


Lupin & Puccoon – Mariann Cyr

Showy Raindrops – Kathy Bishop

Catkins – John Dykstra

Mushroom – Rick Graves

Call Me Wild Rosie – Patti Jones




1st Place


Sunrise – Smokies: Karl Feigenschuh


 2nd Place



Oak Savanna Star Trails: John Pennoyer


Honorable Mentions


Tettegouche Winter Sunrise – John Pennoyer

Sunrise at Schaefer – John Pennoyer

By the Light of the Moon – Kathy Bishop

Snowy Sunshine – Kathy Bishop

Badlands Sunrise – Eric Gustafson

Perfectly Lucky – Michael Thompson

Badlands Thunder – Michael Thompson

Idaho Borderlight – Deanne Probst

Superior Fog and Rain – Ian Campbell

Badlands Sunset – Ian Campbell

Feeling Blue – Patti Jones

Badlands Sunset – Paul Kammen

Sally Light Foot Crabs in Waves – Mariann Cyr

Baptism River – Ron Lagerquist

Horseshoe Bay – Diane Herman




1st Place


Dripping Wet Buck: Scott Landseidel


2nd Place


Early Morning Osprey: Don Specht


Honorable Mentions


Coywolf Pup – Scott Landseidel

Eastern Bluebird Feeding – Don Specht

Anhinga with Lunch – Don Specht

Loon Lunch – Michael Thompson

Redneck Raft – Michael Thompson

Foster Parents – Michael Thompson

Sandhill Crane Trio – Don Tredinnick

Willow Ptarmigan – Mike Sweet

Bluethroat – Mike Sweet

Short Eared Owl – Mike Sweet

Artic Red Fox – Mike Sweet

Grizzly at Twilight – John Pennoyer

Alaskan Brown Bear – John Pennoyer

Reflection of a Duck – Mary Williams

Yearling – John Dykstra

Badlands Battle – John Anderson

Summer in the Swamp – Kathy Bishop

Northern Mocking Bird – Gene Lange

Garter Snake – Roger Williams

Two Headed Turtle – Nancy Cox

Snowy Walking – Alan Schulz

Meet the New Neighbors – Rick Graves


Congratulations are extended to all




Story Behind the 10s – Screech Owl

From the Photographer Paul Kammen

I love birds and owls. In fact as I write this I just got back from Milwaukee, where I went for a quick day trip to see some owls in a park. Last year the Minnesota Nature Photography Club had an owl photographer present a talk, and a person asked him “where do you find the owls?” He suggested asking people. So I do just that, or I hire a guide up north, and check online at ebird. I also try to find them on my own at area parks but am usually unsuccessful. Owls are tough to find it seems. I learned from a photographer friend that this little guy had been seen in South Minneapolis near a tennis court by a lake, so I went down and when I saw two guys in the court watching I knew I had the right place. I was at the spot a couple of times, spending up to 5 hours there. You have to be patient to wait for the owl to move, so I set up my tripod and waited. Sure enough as daylight waned he popped his head out a bit and began to look around, presumably for the future Mrs. Screech Owl and not to check out the photographer.



Story Behind the 10s – Bluethroat


From the Photographer Michael Sweet

The  Bluethroat inhabits northern Europe and Asia, and a portion of Alaska. In an area near Nome, Alaska, two males were found singing alongside a stream where vegetation was dominantly alder and willow shrubs. They were two of only three Bluethroats I saw during this trip.  The time was late morning, just before taking a mid-day nap, much needed during days with 21 hours of sunlight while maximizing time and the best light for photographing critters.  As I recall, the weather was clear, calm and cool.  I noticed that each bird had several preferred perches and approached each in a similar manner.  While singing, the Bluebird would fly to a position directly over the perch at about 30 feet and briefly hover.  After a couple seconds, it dropped to the perch.  The perch site of one bird, that seemed most frequently used, was closest to a perch site of a second bird.  While it was away from the perch, I set up with my tripod and cable release, focused on the perch, changed to manual focus, recomposed the view, and tried to make myself as inconspicuous as possible.  When it returned and began its descent, I set off a burst of shots. A little planning, a little luck.  All this while an Artic Red Fox was hunting around me, and sometimes just watching me.

Technical Data:  Canon 7D mark II,  Canon 500 mm f4.0 mark II lens, f 5.6,  1/1250s , ISO: 800

Story Behind the 10s – Coywolf Pup

From the Photographer Scott Landseidel

I attended a photo workshop hosted by the Wolf Science Center (WSC),  which included both wolf and coy wolf pups.  A coywolf is a cross between a gray wolf and coyote which I understand happens in nature.  The director of the WSC, Peggy Callahan, is an expert on this hybrid.  The coywolf is larger than a coyote and they form more co-operative social groups than coyotes. These pups were interesting to watch as they played and were fed a whitetail hind quarter.  The best photo I missed was that of Peggy hauling the hind quarter all around the place.  The challenge with photographing the pups  was that they liked to stay back in the brush and rarely came out to pose for us.  Just like in the wild.

Technical Data :  Nikon D600;  70-200mm lens at 175mm;  Hand held;1/200; F9; iso 500.

Salon Acceptances – April 2017

Here are the Salon acceptances for April – Congratulations to you all – your images will be moved forward for judging in the end of year competition. The year end images will be showcased and the competition results will be announced at the May meeting.


John Anderson Mother Owl 9
Paul Kammen Screech Owl 9
Mike Sweet Thrush On Key 10
Ian Campbell Badlands Sunset 9
Eric Gustafson Bighorn Ram 8
Patti Jones Feeling Blue 9
Michael Thompson Dancing Skies at Dusk 8
Mary Williams Reflection of a Duck 8
John Dykstra Pronghorn Hugs 8
Karl Fiegenschuh Stellar Sea Eagle 10
Rick Graves Morning at Thomas Lake 8
Ron Lagerquist Grand Tetons 10
Jean McDonough Impala Running Off Ground 10
Dave Perez Bluebird 9
Don Tredinnick Cattle Egret 10
Nancy Cox Two Headed Turtle 9
Kathy Bishop Moonset at minus 30 10
Rick Fenstermaker Wild Onion 9
Scott Landseidel Fawn In Fog 9
Gene Lange Western Grebe with Chick 9
John Anderson Horn Tangle 9
Paul Kammen Short Eared Owl 8
Eric Gustafson Badlands Sunrise 9
Kristin Hoyt Trupeter Swan 8
Michael Thompson Highly Caffeinated 9
Earl Bye Young Buck 8
Karl Fiegenschuh Japanese Macaque Portrait 8
Ted Galambos Beaver Lodge 8
Carole Mannheim Grackle 8
Jean McDonough Giraffe Drinking River Water 8
Dee Hunnisett-Dritz Bison Trudge 8
Don Specht Pelican Trifecta 10
Don Tredinnick Great Blue with Nesting Material 8
Kathy Bishop Summertime Trio 10
Gene Lange Great Gray Owl 8

Story Behind the 10s – Loon Lunch


From the Photographer Michael Thompson

I was out boating on a north metro lake with some friends, who also like to photograph nature. We all had our cameras ready when we saw a pair of loons busy feeding two chicks. They were so busy feeding the chicks, that they didn’t notice the boat getting closer, and we got to watch them feed bugs and tiny fish for over an hour! I was lucky a couple times when they came up with food. They were so close I could almost touch them, and the youngsters came up to get the easy snacks!

Technical data: Canon 7D ll; Canon 100-400 ll; Handheld; f/8; 1/1000; 500 iso; 400 mm.


Salon Acceptances – March 2017


Here are the Salon acceptances for March – Congratulations to you all – your images will be moved forward for judging in the end of year competition. The year end images will be showcased and the competition results will be announced at the May meeting.


Paul Kammen Badlands Sunset 8
Mike Sweet Arctic Red Fox 9
Ian Campbell Superior Fog and Rain 9
Diane Herman Horseshoe Bay 9
Deanne Probst Jack in the Pulpit 8
Patti Jones Lone Wolf 10
Bill McMichael Evening Grosbeak 8
Michael Thompson Common Loon Pose 10
Mariann Cyr Lion with Kill 8
Rick Graves Frosted Weed 9
Rich Roberts Quail Profile 8
John Lamere FoodChain 8
Carole Mannheim African Roller 8
Alan Schulz Young Bald Eagle Portrait 8
Don Specht Wild Columbine – After the Rain 10
Don Tredinnick Badlands 10
Nancy Cox Green Heron 8
Kathy Bishop Pollywog Pond 9
Paul Kammen Hawk Owl 8
Mike Sweet ShortearedOwl 8
Diane Herman Great Grey 8
Eric Gustafson Spruce Grouse 8
Patti Jones Call Me Wild Rosie 8
Michael Thompson Redneck Raft 9
Mariann Cyr Juvenile Killdeer 10
Karl Fiegenschuh White Tailed Eagles Squabbling for Perch 10
Ron Lagerquist Cove Point 9
Jean McDonough Puku Young Nursing 8
John Pennoyer Dew-covered Monarch 9
Alan Schulz Snowy Walking 10
Don Specht Great Egret Display 8
Nancy Cox Resting Feather 8
Kathy Bishop Showy Raindrops 9
Rick Fenstermaker WashingtonRiver 8
Scott Landseidel Heron In Pines 8

Story Behind the 10s – Orangutan



From the Photographer: Karl Fiegenschuh

I photographed this orangutan at the Como Park Zoo one morning when I was evaluating a new lens. More serendipity and luck were involved than anything else.  The orangutan just happened to look at me with such a penetrating gaze long enough for me to take two photos. I cropped the image to eliminate some distracting background elements and focus attention on the face and eyes. I finally made some minor adjustments in Lightroom.
Technical Data: Sony a6000 camera, Sony SEL 70-300mm, at 300mm, f/5.6, ISO 640, handheld

Salon Acceptances February 2017

Here are the Salon acceptances for February – Congratulations to you all – your images will be moved forward for judging in the end of year competition. The year end images will be showcased and the competition results will be announced at the May meeting.

Mary Mullett Tree Roots 8
Paul Kammen Saw Whet Owl 10
Mike Sweet Willow Ptarmigan 10
Ian Campbell Autumn Sunset Reflection 10
Diane Herman Badlands Baby Bighorn 9
Patti Jones Panning Fall Colors 10
Michael Thompson Juvenile Great Gray Owl 9
Phillip Bush Fire in the hole 10
Mariann Cyr Sally Lightfoot Crabs in Waves 9
Larry Duke Bound for Alaska 9
John Dykstra Urban Coyote 9
Karl Fiegenschuh Female Wood Duck on Rock 9
Rick Graves Mushroom 9
Ron Lagerquist Spiderwort 8
John LaMere Mink 9
Carole Mannheim Family Night Out 10
Dee Hunnisett-Dritz Spring Colors 8
Carol Jacobson Jay Cooke 9
John Pennoyer Grizzly at Twilight 9
Dave Perez Tricolored Heron with Fish 9
Alan Schulz Albatross Taking Off 10
Don Specht Early Morning Osprey 10
Don Tredinnick Bison in the River 10
Roger Williams Osprey with Prey 9
Nancy Cox Breakfast Feast 8
Kathy Bishop Sunrise Glow 10
Scott Landseidel Bald Eagle Siblings 9
Gene Lange Mourning Dove 8
Mary Mullett Buttercups 8
Paul Kammen Long Eared Owl 8
Mike Sweet Actic Tern 9
Ian Campbell Skeleton Tree at Sunset 8
Diane Herman Sunrise at Balanced Rock 10
Patti Jones Those Eyes 9
Michael Thompson Seeing Doubles 9
Phillip Bush Maine Morning 8
Earl Bye Cygnet Flying 8
Mariann Cyr Welcome to the Shower 9
John Dykstra Affection 10
Karl Fiegenschuh Andean Condor 8
Rick Graves Meet The New Neighbors 10
Ron Lagerquist Baptism River 8
John LaMere Rams 8
Carole Mannheim Bozeman Creek 8
Dee Hunnisett-Dritz Frozen dinner 8
John Pennoyer Stemless Lady’s Slippers habitat 10
Dave Perez Yellow Sulphur on Asters 8
Alan Schulz Giant Petrel during feeding on Seal 9
Don Specht Anhinga with Lunch 9
Don Treddinick Christmas Tree Rock 9
Nancy Cox Graceful Landing 8
Kathy Bishop By the Light of the Moon 10
Rick Fenstermaker Bird Snow Tracks 9
Mariann Cyr Lupine & Puccoon 9
John Dykstra Catkins 10
John Dykstra Spring Snow 10
Nancy Cox Skogafoss Falls Iceland 8

Story Behind the 10s – Foster Parents



From the Photographer Michael Thompson

I took my sea eagle inflatable row boat out on Lake Osakis early in the morning in mid June, hoping to photograph some Western Grebes dancing on the water, for their mating ritual. I found I got there too late, and they were sitting on nests already. I saw a beautiful pair of Red Necked Grebes swimming near by and decided to sneak a bit closer and see if I could get some shots. I did, and was able to get a few. All of a sudden I noticed they had three chicks! One was a red necked chick, with the usual black and white pattern, but the other two were all white. They were Western Grebe chicks- that is why I named this image “Foster Parents” I found out that when they nest together in the same area, they can get mixed up. I was able to watch the parents catch lots of little fish and bugs to feed them. It was a great time to watch, and I got lots of cool shots. I like shooting from my little boat, I can get so close to the surface of the water, which can make for nice depth of field effects.

Technical data:  Canon 7D mark ll handheld, Canon 100-400mm mark ll at 300 mm, f/7.1, ISO 640,  1/1000 sec

You can view more of Michael’s images here