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Salon Acceptances February 2017

Here are the Salon acceptances for February – Congratulations to you all – your images will be moved forward for judging in the end of year competition. The year end images will be showcased and the competition results will be announced at the May meeting.

Mary Mullett Tree Roots 8
Paul Kammen Saw Whet Owl 10
Mike Sweet Willow Ptarmigan 10
Ian Campbell Autumn Sunset Reflection 10
Diane Herman Badlands Baby Bighorn 9
Patti Jones Panning Fall Colors 10
Michael Thompson Juvenile Great Gray Owl 9
Phillip Bush Fire in the hole 10
Mariann Cyr Sally Lightfoot Crabs in Waves 9
Larry Duke Bound for Alaska 9
John Dykstra Urban Coyote 9
Karl Fiegenschuh Female Wood Duck on Rock 9
Rick Graves Mushroom 9
Ron Lagerquist Spiderwort 8
John LaMere Mink 9
Carole Mannheim Family Night Out 10
Dee Hunnisett-Dritz Spring Colors 8
Carol Jacobson Jay Cooke 9
John Pennoyer Grizzly at Twilight 9
Dave Perez Tricolored Heron with Fish 9
Alan Schulz Albatross Taking Off 10
Don Specht Early Morning Osprey 10
Don Tredinnick Bison in the River 10
Roger Williams Osprey with Prey 9
Nancy Cox Breakfast Feast 8
Kathy Bishop Sunrise Glow 10
Scott Landseidel Bald Eagle Siblings 9
Gene Lange Mourning Dove 8
Mary Mullett Buttercups 8
Paul Kammen Long Eared Owl 8
Mike Sweet Actic Tern 9
Ian Campbell Skeleton Tree at Sunset 8
Diane Herman Sunrise at Balanced Rock 10
Patti Jones Those Eyes 9
Michael Thompson Seeing Doubles 9
Phillip Bush Maine Morning 8
Earl Bye Cygnet Flying 8
Mariann Cyr Welcome to the Shower 9
John Dykstra Affection 10
Karl Fiegenschuh Andean Condor 8
Rick Graves Meet The New Neighbors 10
Ron Lagerquist Baptism River 8
John LaMere Rams 8
Carole Mannheim Bozeman Creek 8
Dee Hunnisett-Dritz Frozen dinner 8
John Pennoyer Stemless Lady’s Slippers habitat 10
Dave Perez Yellow Sulphur on Asters 8
Alan Schulz Giant Petrel during feeding on Seal 9
Don Specht Anhinga with Lunch 9
Don Treddinick Christmas Tree Rock 9
Nancy Cox Graceful Landing 8
Kathy Bishop By the Light of the Moon 10
Rick Fenstermaker Bird Snow Tracks 9
Mariann Cyr Lupine & Puccoon 9
John Dykstra Catkins 10
John Dykstra Spring Snow 10
Nancy Cox Skogafoss Falls Iceland 8

Story Behind the 10s – Foster Parents



From the Photographer Michael Thompson

I took my sea eagle inflatable row boat out on Lake Osakis early in the morning in mid June, hoping to photograph some Western Grebes dancing on the water, for their mating ritual. I found I got there too late, and they were sitting on nests already. I saw a beautiful pair of Red Necked Grebes swimming near by and decided to sneak a bit closer and see if I could get some shots. I did, and was able to get a few. All of a sudden I noticed they had three chicks! One was a red necked chick, with the usual black and white pattern, but the other two were all white. They were Western Grebe chicks- that is why I named this image “Foster Parents” I found out that when they nest together in the same area, they can get mixed up. I was able to watch the parents catch lots of little fish and bugs to feed them. It was a great time to watch, and I got lots of cool shots. I like shooting from my little boat, I can get so close to the surface of the water, which can make for nice depth of field effects.

Technical data:  Canon 7D mark ll handheld, Canon 100-400mm mark ll at 300 mm, f/7.1, ISO 640,  1/1000 sec

You can view more of Michael’s images here

Salon Acceptances – January 2017

Here are the Salon acceptances for January – Congratulations to you all – your images will be moved forward for judging in the end of year competition. The year end images will be showcased and the competition results will be announced at the May meeting.

Michael Thompson Loon Lunch 10
Karl Fiegenschuh Jones Pond, Acadia National Park 8
Rick Graves Eagles at Sunset 8
Ron Largerquist Superior Sunrise 8
Dee Hunnisett-Dritz Hawk 8
John Pennoyer Small Yellow Lady’s Slippers 9
Dave Perez Dinner at Last Light 8
Don Tredinnick Sand Hill Crane Trio 8
Kathy Bishop Snowy Sunshine 8
Scott Landseidel Coy Wolf Pup 10
Paul Kammen Screech Owl 10
Diane Herman Pollen Sacs on Bee 8
Deanne Probst Shy Swan Wave 8
Eric Gustafson We Are Family 9
Karl Fiegenschuh Pronghorn Hunt 8
Rick Graves Maple on Rock 8
John LaMere Swan Bath 8
Linda Hoss Going for a Swim 8
John Pennoyer Monarch Sunrise 9
Dave Perez Coming In for a Landing 9
Kathy Bishop Prairie Sunrise 9

Story Behind the 10s – Oak Savannah Star Trails



From the Photographer : John Pennoyer

Last November 2015 there was a chance for Northern Lights, so fellow photographer, Don Nadreau and I, decided to spend a night or two at Crex Meadows WMA for some night photography.  We both had previously scouted the area knowing there were 2-3 spots we wanted to try for the night sky. The lights made their presence quite early but they were not very strong, so I thought this would be a good time to combine a star trail with the Northern Lights. If the lights are really strong they will wash out the stars and would render a star trail shot a futile attempt. I am one of those people that think the night sky by itself is rather boring so I always try to combine my night sky with something in the foreground to add some interest to the image. I do my star trails a little differently than most, using a 4-minute exposure X 8 for 32 minutes! I set up my camera and made the settings on my remote intervalometer. The camera had just finished the 5th sequence and a vehicle appeared; totally lighting up my foreground with its headlights. My reaction…? You can guess.However I continued the 8 sequences and when I started post processing the images discovered, predictably, that sequence 6 was ruined by the headlights. The image stack was unusable. I stacked the images again without the 6th sequence and there was a big noticeable gap in the patterns, so I eliminated sequences 6 to 8. My 32 minute star trail is now only 20 minutes, but I still liked the way it turned out!

Technical Data Nikon D800, Nikon 14mm-24mm @ 14mm, ISO 200, 4 minute exposure X 5 for 20 minutes, Fluorescent WB, Gitzo tripod with RRS BH 55 Ballhead, Nikon Intervalometer shutter release, Images stacked in Photoshop CC

My images can be found at

Salon Acceptances – December 2016

Here are the Salon acceptances for December – Congratulations to you all – your images will be moved forward for judging in the end of year competition. The year end images will be showcased and the competition results will be announced at the May meeting.

Happy Holidays

John Anderson Morning Owl 8
Paul Kammen Yellow Bellied Flycatcher 9
Mike Sweet Bluethroat 10
Diane Herman Madeline Shore 8
Deanne Probst Bear & Berries 8
Patti Jones Above A Lupine 9
Michael Thompson Icy View 8
Phillip Bush Misty Island 10
Mariann Cyr Lava Lizard on Iguana 10
Karl Fiegenschuh White Sands 9
Dee Hunnisett-Dritz Swamp Life – Fascinating 9
John Pennoyer Tettegouche Winter Sunrise 8
Don Specht Black-bellied Whistling Ducks 10
Scott Landseidel Blue Beauty 8
Gene Lange Red-Necked Grebe 9
John Anderson Badlands Battle 8
Diane Herman Winter Does 8
Eric Gustafson This Is My Pad 9
Michael Thompson Badlands Thunder 8
Phillip Bush Flaming Milky Way 8
John Dykstra Yearling 9
Karl Fiegenschuh Orangutan 10
Rick Graves Ice Form 9
Ron Lagerquist Fish Lake Trees 8
John LaMere Badlands 8
Carole Mannheim Polychrome 8
Dee Hunnisett-Dritz Flow – Botany Bay Beach 10
Don Specht Catch Us if You Can 9
Don Tredinnick American Oystercatcher 8
Scott Landseidel Buck in the Grass 9
Gene Lange Reddish Egret 8

Story Behind the 10s – Dripping Wet Buck


From the Photographer Scott Landseidel

The temperature was in the 30’s and a wet snow was falling so I
headed out to Fort Snelling State Park, the whitetail capital of the world !
The nice thing about inclement weather is it keeps most people away.  I
found a couple of bucks wandering around in a small meadow and set up with
my camera in a protective sleeve.  I watched and as he kept getting wetter he
would shake off the water.  The trouble was there wasn’t much light for a
fast enough shutter speed to stop the action.  If I could time it right I
could capture the moment, and get a shot without snow in front of
his eyes.  This was the best I got.

Technical data Nikon D600, 150-600 mm lens at 360mm, 1/80th sec, F10,  ISO 1600.

Story Behind the 10s – Wood Duck Portrait

Wood Duck Portrait

From the Photographer : Michael Thompson

I was with a friend who has a dock with a blind set up. We were watching a few wood ducks and geese when all of a sudden this one flew in right in front of us really close! I was lucky to get a head angle that showed off the nice colors, and bonus, got him calling too!

Technical data Canon 7D with Canon 100-400mm at 400 mm, f6.3, 1000th sec, iso 400

Salon Acceptances – November 2016

Here are the Salon acceptances for November – Congratulations to you all – your images will be moved forward for judging in the end of year competition. The year end images will be showcased and the competition results will be announced at the May meeting.

Mary Mullet Great Horned Lovely 8
Bill Pfeiffer Clouds 8
Diane Herman Tamarac Sunset 8
Terry Kochaver Frozen-Waterfall 8
Eric Gustafson Humming Bird In Search Of Nectar 9
Patti Jones Reflectional Fog 8
Michael Thompson Wise One 10
Phillip Bush Madeline sunrise 8
Mariann Cyr Gold Harbour Skua 9
Karl Fiegenschuh Along Cabot Trail 8
Ron Lagerquist Beaver Falls 8
Carol Jacobson Poplar Trees 8
John Pennoyer Prairie Color at Twilight 9
Dave Perez Tiger Longwing 9
Don Tredinnick Sea Lion Pup 8
Paul Kammen Grand Canyon of Yellowstone 8
Deanne Probst Wyoming Downburst 8
Terry Kochaver Little Wildhorse 8
Mariann Cyr Browsing Elephant 10
Karl Fiegenschuh Sunrise – Smokies 8
Ron Lagerquist Lady’s Slipper 8
Carole Mannheim Autum Impression 9
Dee Hunnisett-Dritz Playful Otters 8
John Pennoyer Alaskan Brown Bear 8
Dave Perez Bald Eagle 8
Don Specht Burrowing Owl 10
Kathy Bishop Summer in the Swamp 8
Rick Fenstermaker Heron -Willow River 8
Image 6596 Unknown maker 8

Story Behind the 10s – Botany Bay




From the Photographer Kathy Bishop

The story behind this image has become bittersweet in the last few weeks.

Hurricane Matthew came ashore on the island where I made this image and the
terrain is certainly very changed as a result.  It is probably one of those
images that can never be made again.  Botany Bay is a beautiful stretch of
wild and undeveloped beach on Edisto Island in South Carolina.  The ocean
has gradually been eroding the sand around the trees and moving it further
south of this bay.  As a result, the skeletons of dead trees stand as sentinels in the surf.
Depending on the tide, the trees can be completely surrounded by surf or
they can be reflected in glistening wet sand.  The beach is now closed
indefinitely, having been assaulted by strong winds and an enormous storm
surge as Matthew descended on the mainland.  I’m glad we found this lovely
beach while it was still there but also sad to feel the loss of such a
magical place.

We were fortunate to visit Edisto for a few days last spring and I was
fascinated by this beach.  We scouted the area one evening and stayed to
watch the light change at the end of the day.  We returned for sunrise,
hoping for a broad swath of color across the ocean.  Instead, we had a brief
moment of rosy color peeking through the horizon.  Soon, the clouds
blanketed the sky and the scene became grey and sunrise was over.  For this
shot, I had my camera on a tripod just at the edge of the water.  I played
with various shutter speeds, trying to soften the ocean waves around the


Technical data:  full frame camera, 4 seconds, f22, ISO 31.  I don’t think there
was a filter on the lens but I can’t remember for sure.  The image was not cropped, other than to straighten the horizon.

Story Behind the 10s – Reflection

Reflection 500 px

From the Photographer – Michael Thompson

The Hooded Merganser was taken from a blind belonging to a friend. The bird was swimming around but it was really dark, with some clouds forming. I shot many images, they were nice but a bit flat. Fortunately, the sun peeked out for a few minutes and I was able to capture a few images of the bird in the nice morning light!

Technical Data : Canon 7D, 100-400 mm lens,  f5.6, 1/640, 321mm, 400 iso