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Story Behind the 10s – Wood Duck Portrait

Wood Duck Portrait

From the Photographer : Michael Thompson

I was with a friend who has a dock with a blind set up. We were watching a few wood ducks and geese when all of a sudden this one flew in right in front of us really close! I was lucky to get a head angle that showed off the nice colors, and bonus, got him calling too!

Technical data Canon 7D with Canon 100-400mm at 400 mm, f6.3, 1000th sec, iso 400

Salon Acceptances – November 2016

Here are the Salon acceptances for November – Congratulations to you all – your images will be moved forward for judging in the end of year competition. The year end images will be showcased and the competition results will be announced at the May meeting.

Mary Mullet Great Horned Lovely 8
Bill Pfeiffer Clouds 8
Diane Herman Tamarac Sunset 8
Terry Kochaver Frozen-Waterfall 8
Eric Gustafson Humming Bird In Search Of Nectar 9
Patti Jones Reflectional Fog 8
Michael Thompson Wise One 10
Phillip Bush Madeline sunrise 8
Mariann Cyr Gold Harbour Skua 9
Karl Fiegenschuh Along Cabot Trail 8
Ron Lagerquist Beaver Falls 8
Carol Jacobson Poplar Trees 8
John Pennoyer Prairie Color at Twilight 9
Dave Perez Tiger Longwing 9
Don Tredinnick Sea Lion Pup 8
Paul Kammen Grand Canyon of Yellowstone 8
Deanne Probst Wyoming Downburst 8
Terry Kochaver Little Wildhorse 8
Mariann Cyr Browsing Elephant 10
Karl Fiegenschuh Sunrise – Smokies 8
Ron Lagerquist Lady’s Slipper 8
Carole Mannheim Autum Impression 9
Dee Hunnisett-Dritz Playful Otters 8
John Pennoyer Alaskan Brown Bear 8
Dave Perez Bald Eagle 8
Don Specht Burrowing Owl 10
Kathy Bishop Summer in the Swamp 8
Rick Fenstermaker Heron -Willow River 8
Image 6596 Unknown maker 8

Story Behind the 10s – Botany Bay




From the Photographer Kathy Bishop

The story behind this image has become bittersweet in the last few weeks.

Hurricane Matthew came ashore on the island where I made this image and the
terrain is certainly very changed as a result.  It is probably one of those
images that can never be made again.  Botany Bay is a beautiful stretch of
wild and undeveloped beach on Edisto Island in South Carolina.  The ocean
has gradually been eroding the sand around the trees and moving it further
south of this bay.  As a result, the skeletons of dead trees stand as sentinels in the surf.
Depending on the tide, the trees can be completely surrounded by surf or
they can be reflected in glistening wet sand.  The beach is now closed
indefinitely, having been assaulted by strong winds and an enormous storm
surge as Matthew descended on the mainland.  I’m glad we found this lovely
beach while it was still there but also sad to feel the loss of such a
magical place.

We were fortunate to visit Edisto for a few days last spring and I was
fascinated by this beach.  We scouted the area one evening and stayed to
watch the light change at the end of the day.  We returned for sunrise,
hoping for a broad swath of color across the ocean.  Instead, we had a brief
moment of rosy color peeking through the horizon.  Soon, the clouds
blanketed the sky and the scene became grey and sunrise was over.  For this
shot, I had my camera on a tripod just at the edge of the water.  I played
with various shutter speeds, trying to soften the ocean waves around the


Technical data:  full frame camera, 4 seconds, f22, ISO 31.  I don’t think there
was a filter on the lens but I can’t remember for sure.  The image was not cropped, other than to straighten the horizon.

Story Behind the 10s – Reflection

Reflection 500 px

From the Photographer – Michael Thompson

The Hooded Merganser was taken from a blind belonging to a friend. The bird was swimming around but it was really dark, with some clouds forming. I shot many images, they were nice but a bit flat. Fortunately, the sun peeked out for a few minutes and I was able to capture a few images of the bird in the nice morning light!

Technical Data : Canon 7D, 100-400 mm lens,  f5.6, 1/640, 321mm, 400 iso

Story Behind the 10s – Reddish Egret Fishing



From the Photographer : Don Specht

My wife and I spent a week in West Palm Beach and a week in Fort Myers Beach. We spent the late mornings and afternoons basking in the Florida sun, but the early mornings and afternoons were spent observing and photographing wildlife.

One of my favorite birds to watch is the reddish egret. Unlike many other egrets and herons that stalk their prey, reddish egrets dance around in the shallows and dislodge minnows from their hiding spots. The egrets then put their wings out in front of themselves to cut down on the glare in the water and provide shade (and apparent safety) for the minnows. This method is often referred to as “canopy” fishing.

I have tried again and again for this shot, for many hours, over the past couple years. The egrets only stretch out their wings for a few seconds at a time, and they are usually facing away from the sun. This means, either you’re shooting “butt” shots or shooting into the sun.

Technical Data:  Canon EOS 7D Mark II, Canon EF 300mm F2.8L lens, handheld. Shot at ISO 400, f5.6, 1/2500 sec.

Salon Acceptances – October 2016

Here are the Salon acceptances for October – Congratulations to you all – your images will be moved forward for judging in the end of year competition. The year end images will be showcased and the competition results will be announced at the May meeting.

Diane Herman Shaefer Monarch 9
Mike Sweet Bluthroat 9
Michael Thompson Perfectly Lucky 8
Mariann Cyr Goshawk with Weaver Chick 8
John Dykstra Pronghorns 9
Karl Fiegenschuh Red Winged Blackbird 8
Ron Lagerquist Monarch 8
John LaMere Big Foot Sighting 9
Jean McDonough Elephant and young walking 8
Dave Perez Bee on Sunflower 8
Jason Ponfil Diamond Lake 8
Alan Schulz Leopard Seal on Ice 9
Don Specht The Offering 10
Roger Williams Garter Snake 8
Kathy Bishop Botany Bay 10
Scott Landseidel Bald Eagle Call 8
Paul Kammen Short Eared Owl 8
Mike Sweet Short earedOwl 10
Deanne Probst Idaho border light 8
Patti Jones Tranquility 8
Michael Thompson Foster Parents 10
John Dykstra Fox Stare 8
Karl Fiegenschuh Zion Trees and Wall 9
Jean McDonough Lionness & Cub 8
John Pennoyer Sunrise at Schaefer Prairie 10
Don Specht Pasque Flower in the Snow 8
Kathy Bishop Small Yellow Lady’s Slipper 8
Rick Fenstermaker Heron 8
Scott Landseidel Three Big Eyes 9
Gene Lange Northern Mockingbird 8

Salon Acceptances September 2016

Welcome back to the new season of Minnesota Nature Photography Club meetings. Here are the Salon acceptances for September – Congratulations to you all – your images will be moved forward for judging in the end of year competition. The year end images will be showcased and the competition results will be announced at the May meeting.


Deanne Probst Salt Lake City departure 8
Eric Gustafson Success 8
Larry Duke Dragonfly 9
Karl Fiegenschuh Aurora Borealis Boulder Lake 9
Dave Klein Ruddy Duck Reflection 8
Carole Mannheim Laughing Thrush 8
Dee Hunnisett-Dritz Green 10
John Pennoyer Oak Savanna Star Trails 10
Dave Perez Yellow Sulphur on Knapweed 10
Alan Schulz Snipe in Blowing Grass 10
Don Specht Eastern Bluebird Feeding Nestling 10
Scott Landseidel Bald Eagle Talons 8
Gene Lange Loon with Chick 9
Paul Kammen Grand Prismatic Fogbow 10
Deanne Probst Elk Bugler in park 9
Terry Kochaver Rock Patterns 8
Mariann Cyr Iceberg Blue 10
Karl Fiegenschuh Foggy Morn Mount Rainier 9
Carole Mannheim Buckeye 9
Jean McDonough Two prairie dogs nose to nose 8
John Pennoyer Loon Stretch 9
Dave Perez Spoonbill andEegret 8
Alan Schulz Elephant Seals Fighting Over Female 10
Don Specht Atlantic Puffin Landing 10
Scott Landseidel Dripping Wet Buck 10
Gene Lange Western Grebe Family 9

Story Behind the 10s – Snowy Owl On The Prowl

SnowyOwlOnTheProwl 500px


From the Photographer : Scott Landseidel
This image was captured on a very cold February morning in 2014, the year of the great Snowy Owl erruption.  I had spent the previous 3 weekends, along with a few other photographers, watching two Snowy Owls at this location.  The story goes that a farmer near there would clean the varmints out of his barn and leave them in the fields, much to the owl’s delight.  This morning I was lucky to catch this owl as he surveyed the area in search of a snack.  The light reflecting off the bottom of the wings cast a highlight in the snow as he approached.  The high speed at which the owls were flying made it difficult to keep them in focus but a few of my images were spot on.

That was the last good winter we’ve had.  Fifteen to twenty degrees below with a brisk wind. The good old days.

Technical data:  Nikon D600, 70-200mm  with a 2x  at 280mm, ISO 250, 1/1600, F-11, using a monopod.

Story Behind the 10s – Breeding Grounds

Breeding Grounds 500 px


From the Photographer : Eric Gustafson

I grew up in Northwestern Minnesota in a small town called Mentor.  I moved to the Twin Cities in 1986. On October 12th 2004 the Glacial Ridge National Wildlife Refuge  was established with 37,756 acres.  My father told me I should go and see the prairie chickens at a lek (dancing/breeding ground) from a blind. I took his advice and started to look into reserving a blind.  The very first time I went I was hooked. It started with the goosebumps as the prairie chickens started to arrive in the dark. I have returned several years in a row. Sometimes the birds would be close other times, not.  I have enjoyed it every single time.

This year I got to my blind at 5am just as the prairie chickens started to arrive. I knew it was going to be good. Some of the birds were walking right next to the blind and I was able to shoot pictures with my cell phone. I shot over 2000 photos and kept trying to capture them quarreling.  I found it very difficult to get sharp images as the birds explode into the air from the ground. I was using a single focus point and focused on one prairie chicken . This image was my favorite of the trip.

Technical Data:  Canon 7D Mark II, Tamron 150-600 mm, f/11 @ 200 mm, @ 1/1250, ISO 1600

Story Behind the 10s – Loon Droplet

Loon Droplet 500px

From the Photographer Ian Campbell

My family was out on a pontoon ride over 4th of July last year in Northern Minnesota. We spotted a loon as we cruised along the shore. After we turned off the motor to watch, it approached the boat. When it got closer it dunked its head for an underwater view. I captured this shot right after it pulled up and as the water drained off its head. I had hoped to capture a nice closeup portrait of the loon and got the bonus of the frozen water droplet.

Technical Details: Canon 50D, Canon 100-400mm, ISO 500, f/7.1, 1/800 sec., Handheld