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Story Behind the 10s – Really Cold



From the Photographer: Karl Fiegenschuh.

This photo of a really miserable-looking baby snow monkey was made on the second day of a photography workshop in Nagano, Japan. Nagano is located north west of Tokyo, that has a park where snow monkeys congregate during the winter. Photography on the first day was fine, but uneventful.  Overnight it started to snow and it was snowing heavily when we were allowed to enter the monkey park. It snowed for several hours allowing a variety of photo opportunities.
During the heaviest snowfall I had been using a rain cover on the camera and lens.

Technical Data:  Canon 7D Mark II APS-C camera;  Canon 100-400mm; f/4.5-5.6L IS II lens; @ 106mm;  Settings were 1/200 sec at f/9.0 and ISO 3200.  
I made some edits in Lightroom mobile on my iPad to increase the contrast slightly, tone down the whites and emphasize the blowing snow.


Year End Awards 2017-2018

Image of the Year 2018

Angels Fly: Kathy Bishop


Wildlife Image of the Year 2018

Three King Chicks and Blowing Sand: Alan Schulz


Category Winners




1st Place

Breaking Free: Don Specht


2nd Place

Pasque stacked : John Anderson


Honorable Mentions

Caught a Skeeter – Ian Campbell

Milkweed Pod – Ron Lagerquist

One is Open – Deanne Probst

Mushroom Spiderweb – Philip Busch

Beargrass – Julie Sopoci

Ready to Fly-John Foty

Sharp Lobed Hepatica – John Pennoyer

Water Lily B&W – Marian Cyr




1st Place

Aurora Moonlight Convergance: Michael Thompson


 2nd Place



On the Way to Cattleman’s Bridge: Dee Hunnisett-Dritz


Honorable Mentions


After the Rain – Diane Herman

Reaching Up – Michael Thompson

Super Moon – John Foty

Blood Moonset at Pfeiffer – Kathy Bishop

Totality – John Anderson

Crescent Lake – Paul Kammen

Split Rock Ice  – Diane Herman

Fall Abstract Pano – Patti Jones

Canyon – John Clouse

Magical Morning – Kathy Bishop

Rock Reflections – Mariann Cyr




1st Place

Three Amigos : Kathy Bishop


2nd Place

Askance : John Anderson


Honorable Mentions


Sally – Mike Sweet

Waiting for Lunch – Ian Campbell

A Bite of Bullfrog – Diane Herman

Northern Hawk Owl  – Michael Thompson

Japanese White Eye in Plum Blossoms – Karl Fiegenschuh

Backlit Gobbler – John Pennoyer

Duck Landing – Dave Perez

Prairie Chicken Fight  – Alan Schulz

King Feeding Chick – Alan Schulz

Wild Turkey Portrait – Alan Schulz

Willow Flycatcher Feeding Nestlings – Don Specht

Early Morning Catch – Don Specht

Expectant Coyote – Scott Landseidel

Cardinal in the Snow – Scott Landseidel

Egret Grooming – Diane Herman

Cranes and Moon – Deanne Probst

Stealth Flyer – Michael Thompson

Egret Breeding Color – John Dykstra

Really Cold – Karl Fiegenschuh

Catch of the Day – Don Specht

Black Crowned Night Heron – Don Specht

Great Egret with Lunch – Don Specht

Fawn Portrait – Roger Williams

Landing Precisely – Kathy Bishop

Sunrise Together – Kathy Bishop


Congratulations are extended to all



Story Begind the 10s – Great Gray Take Off


From the Photographer: Paul Kammen

This image was taken in the Sax-Zim bog, off a highway.
It was taken later in the afternoon as the sun was setting behind me and I was in the Bog with another photographer. We had spent the day there. Owls were out in the morning, then there was a lull, and I had just about given hope of seeing them again when my friend told me to try further up the road. Sure enough, there were two, one perched on a tree the other on a power line. The owls seemed to be a bit more active as dark approached, so set in “machine gun” mode with Al-Servo mode and burst mode when the owl took off I was fortunate to get a couple of shots that turned out.

Owls never get old to watch, and we are lucky to have them here in Minnesota.

Technical Data:  shutter priority mode, 1/640 sec, f 6.3, 5000 ISO, spot metering.

Story Behind the 10s – Coyote in the Snow


From the Photographer: Dee Hunnisett-Dritz

After a snowy drive into Yellowstone National Park I knew it would not be difficult to spot any animals out looking for lunch. It did not take long before I saw this coyote. He was tracking something under the snow and would stop periodically to watch for movement. He clearly hasn’t gone hungry over the winter. He was fascinating to watch until he decided to move off out of my focus zone.

I am fortunate to have seen many Coyotes that season. Coyotes have become more rare in the Park. Wolves are their larger brothers and are prevalent. But these two brothers do not get along and coyote deaths from wolves are not uncommon at a kill.

Technical data: Nikon D610; Tamron 150mm-600mm, @600mm, 1/1250 sec; f6.3; ISO 200

You can view more images here

Salon Acceptances – April 2018

Here are the Salon acceptances for April – Congratulations to you all – your images will be moved forward for judging in the end of year competition. The year end images will be showcased and the competition results will be announced at the May meeting

Paul Kammen Barred Owl 8
Ian Campbell Focus 8
Bill Pfeiffer Cactus 9
Diane Herman A Bite of Bullfrog 9
Deanne Probst Walking Sandhill 9
Eric Gustafson Reflections Of A Blue Heron 8
Michael Thompson The Trees Have Eyes 8
John Foty StrongGrip 8
Sandy Swanson Broadwing Hawk & Prey 8
Adam Haisman Icy Sunrise 9
Larry Duke Out of Africa 8
Rick Graves Green Sea Turtle 9
Ron Lagerquist Painted Lady 8
Jean McDonough Lilac Breasted Roller on Plant 10
Dee Hunnisett-Dritz Smoky Sunset from Signal Mountain 8
Richard Gotz Geart Blue Heron 9
John Pennoyer Backlit Gobbler 9
Dave Perez Duck Landing 9
Alan Schulz Sunrise Light Prairie Chicken 10
Don Specht Great Blue Heron with Nesting Material 9
Roger Williams Fishing 8
Kathy Bishop Through the Arch 10
Scott Landseidel Center of Attention 10
Mike Sweet Hen Mallard 9
Ian Campbell Lillypad Sunset 10
Bill Pfeiffer Wren 8
Diane Herman Egret Grooming 10
Deanne Probst Cranes and Moon 10
Eric Gustafson Gooseberry Falls 10
Michael Thompson Ribbon of Light 9
John Foty Spiral Fern 8
Sandy Swanson Early Migrant 9
John Clouse Canyonlands 9
Adam Haisman Mesa ArchSsunrise 8
John Dykstra Egret Breeding Color 10
Rick Graves St Louis River Cascade 9
Jean McDonough Three Fox Kits in Log 8
Richard Gotz Green Heron 8
John Pennoyer Sharp-lobed Hepaticas 10
Dave Perez Quail Pair 9
Alan Schulz Elephant Seal and Kings 10
Kathy Bishop Three Amigos 9
Scott Landseidel Hors d’Oeuvres 9

Story Behind the 10s – Cardinal in the Snow

CardinalInSnow 500 px



From the Photographer: Scott Landesidel

The snow was falling so off I went to Fort Snelling hoping for a few ‘deer in the falling snow’ images. After wandering through the snow for an hour or two I came across an area of seedy bushes which had attracted a number of birds. There were a few cardinals and they looked great in the snow covered brush but there was too much stuff in the way. Eventually a female cardinal landed on an overhanging branch and I was lucky enough to get a clean background with a few flakes still in the air. This was processed in lightroom with the usual adjustments and cropped a bit.

Technical Data: Nikon D600; Tamron 150-600 at 600mm, ISO 800, F9, 1/400th, with a monopod.

Salon Acceptances – March 2018

Here are the Salon acceptances for March – Congratulations to you all – your images will be moved forward for judging in the end of year competition. The year end images will be showcased and the competition results will be announced at the May meeting.

Mary Mullett Orange 8
Paul Kammen Palm Warbler 8
Deanne Probst Willow River Falls 10
Mariann Cyr Waterlily B&W 10
Alan Schulz Wild Turkey Portrait 10
Scott Landseidel Goldfinch Fall Colors 8
Paul Kammen Great Gray Takeoff 10
Mike Sweet Sabines Gull 9
Diane Herman Split Rock Ice 8
Deanne Probst Mallard Landing 9
Sandy Swanson YoungHawk 9
John Clouse Canyon 8
Adam Haisman Geyser Reflection 8
Karl Fiegenschuh Really Cold 10
Dave Perez Osprey 8
Don Specht Great Egret with Lunch 9
Kathy Bishop Pasque Flower Droop 9
Scott Landseidel Mergansers From Heaven 9
Mariann Cyr Rock Reflections 10

Story Behind the 10s – Call of the Lakeside



Call of the lakeside 500PX

From the Photographer : Michael Thompson

I was invited by a friend to take a trip out in his boat. We were in the middle of Clearwater Lake, in May. There were reeds and cattails on a small sunken island. A loon was swimming around. Every time other loons would fly over, it would look concerned, and do some warning calls. We soon learned why, when a newly hatched chick emerged briefly from under the adult’s feathers, and I was able to capture this image.

Story Behind the 10s – Stealth Flyer

Stealth flyer 500Px


From the Photographer: Michael Thompson

I was taking some pictures of this Great Grey Owl at Sax Zim bog, when suddenly it took off and flew over an open field. It was just silently gliding and the snow lit up it’s underside. Then suddenly, it dived down into the snow, dug down deep, and pulled up a small rodent, that had been hiding there. What a treat to watch!

Salon Acceptances – February 2018

Here are the Salon acceptances for February – Congratulations to you all – your images will be moved forward for judging in the end of year competition. The year end images will be showcased and the competition results will be announced at the May meeting


John Anderson Playin Chicken 9
Paul Kammen Cerulean Warbler. 8
Mike Sweet Longtailed Duck 8
Ian Campbell Misty Pigeon River Overlook 8
Deanne Probst Tombolo Rocks 8
Eric Gustafson Breaching Humpback Whale 8
Michael Thompson Northern Hawk Owl 8
John Dykstra Eagle and Snow 8
Karl Fiegenschuh Bison in Fog 9
Rick Graves Feather 8
Ron Lahr Chipmunk 9
Dee Hunnisett-Dritz On the way to Cattleman’s Bridge 9
Dave Perez Black Skimmer Skimming 8
Roger Williams Cleared for Landing 8
Kathy Bishop Blood Moonset at Pfeiffer 8
Scott Landseidel GH Owlet Out Of The Nest 8
Gene Lage Black-Crowned Night Heron 8
John Anderson Rivals 8
Mary Mullett Drying my Wings 8
Paul Kammen Great Gray Taking Off 9
Mike Sweet Northern Pintail 9
Ian Campbell Stormy Canyon Sunset 9
Patti Jones Fall Abstract Pano 8
Michael Thompson Aurora Moonlight Convergence 8
John Foty Antelope Canyon 8
John Clouse Arch 8
Adam Haisman Icy morning Lake Superior 9
Karl Fiegenschuh Red Crowned Cranes in Freezing Mist 8
Ron Lahr Foggy Deer 8
Alan Schulz Gentoo Feeding Chicks Detail 8
Don Specht I’ve Got My Eyes On You 8