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Stories Behind the 10s – Gnarly Tree


From the Photographer Rick Graves:

This image was created on April 1, 2019 near Muley Point on Cedar Mesa in Utah.  I photographed several weathered trees on Cedar Mesa that evening.  This tree was one of several that caught my eye.  I tried a few different compositions of this tree before finally settling on this one just prior to sunset.  I placed the camera low to the ground to have more of the tree overlap with the sky.

Technical data: Canon 5D Mark IV; Canon 24-105 f/4 L IS II lens; Gitzo GT3530LS tripod; Kirk BH-1 ball head; ISO 100; f/11; 24mm; 7 image HDR; two second timer with live view.


Story Behind the 10s – Elegance



From the Photographer Dennis Randall:

I was on a bird watching trip with a group in Arizona this past February.  We were at Madera Canyon, South of Tucson, looking for a variety of birds.  I had seen an Elegant Trogon before, back in 1995, but it was viewed at quite a distance through a spotting scope.  I hoped to see and possibly photograph one on this trip.  I heard that a Trogon had been occasionally seen feeding on the berries of a particular bush in the park.  I talked to a photographer who had photographed the bird mid-morning, but said it hadn’t been seen since then.  It was now early afternoon, around 1:00 pm and there were  10-12 people waiting for the bird to reappear.  I stationed myself in an elevated spot which I hoped would give me a good vantage point to photograph the bird if it came back.  The grade dropped off approximately 20’ just to the left of where I positioned myself.  There was a light overcast sky.  At around 2:30 pm, after everyone had left except for one other person, the bird flew into view and landed in a tree branch at almost eye-level to my left. The bush with the berries it had been feeding on was in the background.  I immediately started photographing the Trogon which was approximately 30’ away.  He decided to stay for a couple of minutes before he moved to another location.  It was wonderful to see the bird closer this time and I was excited to be able to capture it.  I was just plain lucky to have that colorful bush in the background, the berries of which almost perfectly matched the breast color of the Trogon.

Technical data : Canon 7D Mark II; Canon EF100-400 lens;  f 8.0; at 400mm; 1/125 second exp., ISO at 400.

Salon Acceptances – September 2019

Here are the Salon acceptances for September – Congratulations to you all – your images will be moved forward for judging in the end of year competition. The year end images will be showcased and the competition results will be announced at the May meeting.

Mike Sweet Collared Lizard 8
Patti Jones Foxy On The Gunflint Trail 8
Sandy Swanson Landing on a Liatris 9
Tom Hansen **No title available 8
Dennis Randall Tropic bird 9
Jordan Randall Killdeer 9
Joe Fierst Aurora 9
Rick Graves The Itch 8
Dee Hunnisett-Dritz Monarch 9
John Pennoyer Sunrise Monarch 8
Alan Schulz Thrift at Sunset 9
Roger Williams Green Heron Fishing 8
Kathy Bishop The Light Turns 10
Paul Kammen Jupiter Over Hollow Rock 8
Mike Sweet Coopers Hawk 8
Deanne Probst Swallowtail on Branch 10
Linda Scher Bubblenet Feeding 8
Dennis Randall Stellar Jay 8
Jordan Randall Merganser 9
Ron Galambos Avocet in Pond 8
Rick Graves Corona Arch, UT 8
Jean McDonough Wolf in the woods 8
John Pennoyer Prairie Sunrise 10
Dave Perez Pelican 8
Alan Schulz Bald Eagle Landing in Snow 10
Don Specht Yellow Warbler – Eyes on the Prize 10
Scott Landseidel Red Tail Hawk-Dead Duck 9

Stories Behind the 10s – Northern Lady

It’s that time of year again the Summer heat is giving way to the cool Fall air. The new photography season is started with a look back to the end of the last year with this beautiful image:-

From the Photographer J Arthur Anderson:

This image was captured at the Iron Springs Scientific Nature Area near Lake Itasca.  In late June the Showy Lady’s Slippers are in bloom. They can  be seen and easily accessed in Itasca State Park and in the ditches along Highway 11 near Roosevelt, MN, or County Rd 141, South of Roosevelt. In the late afternoon, we experienced a sun shower that left rain drops on the flower and provided us with soft diffused light.  We were also able to take advantage of a dark background of trees to shoot against.

Technical Data: Canon EOS 5D Mark II; Canon 70-200 lens, f/8; 1/100 sec.; ISO 3200;focal length of 120mm.

You can see more from this photographer here :

Stories Behind the 10s – Family Portrait



From the Photographer Karl Fiegenschuh

I have been fortunate enough to be able to visit Japan in the winter twice. Both trips included a three day long visit to the snow monkey park in Nagano, Japan to photograph Japanese Macaques. Within the park is the famous hot pool where many monkeys (and photographers) tend to gather. I found this family nearby where they had huddled together in the cold. I took many photos of this and several other groups but liked this image because of the various facial expressions of the Macaques. A few seconds later they all looked elsewhere.

Techical Data: Canon 7D Mark II; hand held with Canon 100-400mm f/4.5-5.6 IS II lens;  Manual exposure: 1/400 sec;  f/8 ;  ISO 400. Uncropped, with adjustments in Lightroom.

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May 20, 2019

Year End Awards 2018-2019

Image of the Year 2019

Prairie Chickens in Snow: Joe Fierst


Wildlife Image of the Year 2019

Great Gray in Flight: Paul Kammen


Portfolio of the Year 2019

Alan Schulz


Category Winners




1st Place

Wild Geranium: Deanne Probst


2nd Place

Water Droplet Refracting Sunflower : Don Specht


Honorable Mentions

Pasque Flowers – Rick Graves

Pasque Flower – John Dykstra

Backlit Trilium – Kathy Bishop

White Ramshead – John Anderson

Round Leaf Sundew – John Anderson

Dandy Macro – Ian Campbell

Crex Milkweed – Diane Herman

The Last to Leave – Don Specht




1st Place

Frozen Cliffs: Michael Thompson


 2nd Place



Frozen in Time: Patti Jones


Honorable Mentions


Mud Flats – Diane Herman

Sunset Web – Ian Campbell

Winter Dawn – Joyce Russotto

Prairie Thunderstorm  – Michael Thompson

Ice Fall Tettegouche State Park – Mark Ye

High Falls – John Clouse

Ellingson below the Milky Way  – John Foty

Birdseye Badlands Morning – Philip Bush

Palouse Falls  – Mark Ye

Partridge Falls – Paul Kammen

After the Storm – Michael Thompson

Pollywog Morning – Kathy Bishop




1st Place

Bald Eagle Fishing: Joe Fierst


2nd Place

Great Blue Herons – Bad Hair Day : Don Specht


Honorable Mentions


Burrowing Owl – Paul Kammen

Wood Duck – Jordan Randall

Eagle and Snow – John Dykstra

Play Joust  – John Dykstra

Red Fox Vixen – John Dykstra

Raft of Otters, Alaska – Karl Fiegenschuh

Golden Light Eared Grebe – Joe Fierst

Albatross Crossed Beaks  – Alan Schulz

Jumping Spider – Jeanette Mayo

The Grebe Family – Karl Fiegenschuh

Early Morning Pacific Loon – Joe Fierst

Great Heron Eating Flies – Diane Herman

Opossum and Babies – Jean McDonough

Feather Goose Portrait  – Alan Schulz

Sea Lion Chases Gentoo – Alan Schulz

Just Hangin’ Out – Roger Williams

Woody in Flight  – Don Specht

Prairie Chicken in Flight – Diane Herman

Widow Skimmer – Diane Herman

Monarch Butterflies – Eric Gustafson

River Otter – Tom Hanson

Dew Covered Mayfly – Jeanette Mayo

Hummingbird – Jeanette Mayo

Perched Hummer – Jeanette Mayo


Congratulations are extended to all



May 12, 2019

Story behind the 10s – Bog Pine Marten


From the Photographer: John Dykstra

I’d seen pine martens a couple of times in Northern Minnesota, but never in a situation where I could make a good photo.  So when the great grey owls in Sax-Zim Bog weren’t particularly cooperative this year, I decided to devote some time to the famous pine martens frequently seen on Admiral Road.

The pine martens are attracted by the birdseed and especially the peanut butter provided by visitors at the feeders. I talked with Clinton Nienhaus, who is the head naturalist for the Friends of Sax-Sim Bog, and he didn’t seem to think the martens were being harmed by this human-provided food.  I went ahead and staked out the feeders, and got some nice frames over two days, but I’m still not totally comfortable with the situation.

Technical Data: Nikon D850, 600mm, f/4 lens with 1.4 tele extender, f/8,  1/250s, ISO 560.

If you would like to see more from this photographer :

May 2, 2019

Story Behind the 10s – Eagle and Snow


From the Photographer: John Dykstra

It was unseasonably warm for early February, and I headed down to Red Wing Minnesota to see whether eagles were moving up the Mississippi yet. Colville Park was relatively quiet, but so were the other usual locations, so I decided to hang out on the Colville boat ramp and see what happened.  The temperature was just above freezing, with a strong breeze and intermittent snow showers. Late in the afternoon, the combination of warm temperatures and wind opened up a gap in the ice around the marina.  After the eagles in the trees saw other birds successfully catching fish, things suddenly got busy.  Most birds followed the same path in front of me to make a pass at the open water, so in fifteen minutes or so I had a number of good opportunities for flight shots.

Technical Data: Nikon D850, 600mm with a 1.4 telextender, 1/2000s,  f/5.6, ISO 560.

April 19, 2019

Salon Acceptances – April 2019

Here are the Salon acceptances for April – Congratulations to you all – your images will be moved forward for judging in the end of year competition. The year end images will be showcased and the competition results will be announced at the May meeting


John Anderson Pounce 8
Paul Kammen Great Gray in Flight 8
Mike Sweet Woodcock 8
Deanne Probst Crex Meadow Trees 8
Eric Gustafson Kettle River 8
Joyce Russotto Winter Dawn 9
Jordan Randall Wood Duck 10
Joe Fierst Tossing Bohemian 10
John Pennoyer Poplar Lake sunrise 9
Alan Schulz Prairie Chicken Fight 10
Don Specht Osprey – Balancing Act 8
Gene Lange Yellow-Bellied Sapsucker 8
John Anderson Northern Lady 10
Paul Kammen Pertrubed Pine Martin 9
Mike Sweet Orb-Weaver 10
Deanne Probst Shy 2 Eye 10
Eric Gustafson Soaring Eagle 8
Michael Thompson Icey Loon 9
Paul Cheng Sandhill Crane 9
Dennis Randall Elegance 10
Jordan Randall Redhead 10
Berry Mulin Osprey 9
Karl Fiegenschuh Family Portrait 10
Joe Fierst Curious Eared Grebe 8
Rick Graves Gnarly Tree 10
John Pennoyer Twilight on Oak-Savanna Prairie 9
Dave Perez Great Egret with Fish 9
Alan Schulz Calling Bald Eagle 8
Don Specht Great Blue Herons – Bad Hair Day 10
Kathy Bishop Snow Geese Rising 8
Scott Landsiedel Prairie Chickens Dance 10
Gene Lange Song Sparrow 8
Phillip Bush Badlands Sunrise 9
April 17, 2019

Story behind the 10s – Water Lily Environmental



From the Photographer: John Pennoyer

One of my favorite wetland flowers to photograph is the White Water Lily (Nymphaea tuberosa).However it can be a challenge to get a good wetland landscape image because of their environment.  Water lillies are unique in that they are only open during the middle of the day so the best time frame for an image is around 10 am to 2 pm. As the season wears on the pads begin to curl up so the best time is early in the season. I was looking for ‘clouds with character’ to work with.

I think one of the best places to photo water lillies is Crex Meadows WMA, WI . However last year Phantom Lake was drained so I really had to search out a good spot.  I found this location right off County Road F.  I put on my chest waders and waded into the muck and yuck.  I like some lillies close to the camera and others creating a pattern to the background. It took a while to achieve but I liked this composition.

Side note: If you like to wade into this type of environment be sure to have lens and filters already installed, do not switch while in the muck. I still have a $120.00 GND filter in the bottom of Phantom Lake.

Technical Data: Nikon D800,Tamron Lens 24mm-70mm @ 24mm, F-16,  1/200s, ISO 400, Daylight sunny WB, Polarizer, Gitzo tripod RRS BH 55 Ball Head

To see more images by this Photographer go here :